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It's Fall

I can't believe summer's over! Every year it seems to sneak by quicker. Last weekend Mary and I went camping with her 'kinfolk' and then down to Wildwood to see America. Dewey and Jerry asked me to sit in on 'Sister Goldenhair' and 'Horse with No Mane'. They recorded both nights for a future CD. Wonder where they got that idea?
Today's Mary's birthday. Thanks for all the Poconut posts! As many of you know, Mary teaches autistic kids (and me), but I talked her into playing hooky, (wasn't hard) and we're going fishin'.
I can hear cheering in the distance.
It's less than two weeks until Poco plays Wildwood. I can't wait! Hope to see a lot of you there! This year we're going to have Go-Go girls in cages suspended from the balcony. It was Bob's idea, (he owns Wildwood). We're still looking for volunteers.
Anyhow, 2008 is coming fast and the fortieth anniversary is looming. What to do? I'm working HARD to finish my book. I watch the sunrise in Missouri sitting behind the computer, staring at the words I've written. At the same time there are songs tugging at me to write them. Life's too short! Thank God I've got Mary!

See you soon… Rusty

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