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In & out & back in NY

Well, I just had my own 'Long Road Out Of NY' last night. I can't remember the last time I had a trip without airline delays or cancellations. It took Paul two days to get from Greenville, NC to NYC!
I see Zog has led you all into an in-depth review of 'Long Road Out Of Eden' and I'd add my opinion, but the damn thing broke my MP3 player! I was doing my usual Wal-Mart run, (it's your only choice for shopping here in the country), when I let my curiosity get the best of me and I picked up 'Long Road…' Mary downloaded it for me just before I ran out the door to catch a flight, but when it was finished downloading it froze and now won't work at all. So I'm starting a rumor that downloading the new Eagles CD will break a perfectly good i-pod. I'm considering calling the consumer affairs people and demanding they put a sticker on every 'Long Road' CD warning the public of the danger of buying an Eagles CD!
Anyway, I didn't get home until 2 AM last night, so I haven't had a chance to listen to the album, but Mary listened to it over the weekend and gave me her review. She said the first disc is, “a bunch of sorrowful, someone done me wrong songs.” She liked the second CD much better. Her favorite song being the title track.
After my MP3 experience I'm a little afraid my head might explode if I listen to it. I'm thinking maybe if I wear a crash helmet while listening I'll be OK. Hmmmm…
Well, one day home and then out again tomorrow with four shows in four days, including another visit to NY. It'll probably bring back memories of touring back in the day! Load up the station wagon, put on comfortable clothes that won't show spills, crank up the music and try to avoid McDonalds! Thanks to all the Poconuts who lent a hand this past weekend, and I guess I'll be seeing all of you again sooner than later.


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