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Who said anything about retirement?

Well, I hadn't planned on writing anymore journal entries because everything was winding down and there wouldn't be anything to write about...but a couple more Poco shows popped up and Mary won't let me get away with not writing a post.
I thought Poco was through touring, but we couldn't turn down the offer to play in Puerta Vallarta last December, so we flew down for a week of R and R. I'm not sure what the promoters were thinking...a bunch of old rock and rollers spending a week on the beach with a twenty-four hour open bar!
Obvious trouble!
But we had a great time. Mary made friends with Mickey Dolenz and I got to sing 'Surrender' on stage with Cheap Trick!
Next is a return to the Lyric Theater in Florida on the 11th of April and then up to W. Virginia to do a show with PPL on the 24th. After that comes the Oct. Shows at Wildwood with Richie and Paul. I can't wait and I know neither can the Poconuts.
It's been pretty melancholy here since we lost our dog-Zog. After he died, Mary and I decided to get out of the cabin for a while and drive to Nashville to see Will, my grandson Chandler, and Sara and her husband Tyler. And great news-I'm going to be a grandfather again in June, Sara's having a boy named Ryan. Pretty exciting! It means a lot more drives to Nashville!
Something else has come up that could have us spending more time in Nashville. I've been offered a recording deal and it looks like something I'd like to do. I'm the only one from Poco who's never done a solo project and I love that creative challenge.
I'd have to spend the summer writing and recording, and it would also involve touring to promote the CD and doing all the press related stuff too. Not exactly retirement.
What do you think...should I do it?

I'll let you know what happens...

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