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New Year, New Ideas

Just a few words about what’s going on. Mary and I had a great time in Seaside, FL. It’s where the movie ‘The Truman Show’ was filmed and it was fun walking around the town looking for recognizable places. Mary got a photo of the Truman house just across the street from the cottage we had on the beach. It was cold though and that caught us by surprise.
It was fun singing with my buddy Craig Fuller on Friday night and Jonathan Edwards on Saturday. It was a songwriter festival so there were shows all over the place and, of course, unofficial drinking contests. I came in third behind management and an Irish Folk Singer. The ‘headliner’ of the festival was Robert Randolph. I didn’t get a chance to see him…I had to go shopping for cheese.
I know there are some people who think I’m going to stop playing music altogether… and there’s one guy praying it’s true. But I don’t remember saying I was never going to play again. There are things coming up that are going to be exciting, I just can’t talk about them yet. And there’s always the chance of an ‘Encore’ concert. We’re not ruling anything out. We’re just ruling out the constant touring we’ve done for forty-some years.

Maybe we’ll see you in Florida. We’re filming a PBS special called ‘Living’ Legends on Feb. 16th. Check FB or the tour link if you’re interested in being a part of the filming. I know a lot of the ‘Nuts’ are showing up. It’s scheduled to air sometime next summer. There’s no exact date set yet.
Well, that’s about it for now…talk to you later.

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