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Spring 2014

O.K…I didn’t think anyone read the journal posts anymore and with Poco not touring it didn’t seem like there was much point. I guess I was wrong. I’m surprised and flattered that you want to know what’s going on around Pucky Huddle.

Well, last month Mary and I drove to Nashville for my daughter Sara’s wedding to Tyler. The wedding was at the Bellmeade Mansion, a really cool old mansion that still has scars from the Civil War. Sara looked beautiful and when your only daughter gets married you look like you haven’t slept in a week…and you probably haven’t. The ceremony was wonderful. Sara and Tyler had a classical harpist playing for the ceremony, it was just like a wedding could have looked and sounded centuries ago. I wrote a wedding song and sang it for Sara and Tyler’s first dance. When I volunteered to sing a song for them, I had no idea how hard that was going to be. I was up at dawn for weeks.

Has there ever been a reggae wedding song? No that probably wouldn’t work - scrap that. Bluegrass? After all, the wedding’s in the old stables – no that won’t work. It would be hilarious though. I know a waltz. What do you mean they don’t know how to waltz…? I finally got it. It just came one day. It’s a beautiful song called ‘And they Dance’. I may have to record it someday.

I was so afraid I’d lose it when I tried to sing, that the first verse starts with, ‘Had my mind made up, I wasn’t gonna’ cry, when I walk her down the aisle’. I was so proud of myself, I made all the way to the very end and then lost it when I looked up and saw Sara crying. Mary shot a video of the dance and she’s trying to figure out how to post it with the words scrolling by while I’m singing. It’s been so busy around here she just hasn’t had a day to devote to it yet. But we’ll get it posted as soon as we can.

I played a concert last month in MA last month with Craig Fuller, Firefall and PPL at Mechanics Hall. What a beautiful place! Then sound was so perfect there that they didn’t set up a sound system. It was strange walking in and not seeing any microphones on the drums or amps. I was leery at first, but the sound was surprisingly good. Don’t tell management I said that!

Craig played first and I joined him before he introduced me and I played my set. Both Firefall and PPL came out and joined us for a couple songs. I had such a ball that night. Management is putting some more shows together with that crew for later this year and I’ve got several more solo shows coming up that I’ll let you know about as they get closer. I’m sure most of you know about Richie’s 70th birthday bash in May.

This weekend Mary and I are driving to Nashville to play the Bluebird with my friends Bill Lloyd, Craig Fuller and Robert Ellis Oral. I love doing songwriters in the round. I’ll get a chance to see Will and Sara and stop by Jack’s to record a couple demos on some new songs I’ve got. For some reason, songs won’t stop popping into my head. That sounds cool, but Mary’s learned it can drive you crazy when they get stuck.

Well, this post has gone on too long. I guess there was a lot to talk about and I didn’t even get to it all. I guess I’ll have to save it for next time.

Talk to you later…Rusty

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