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June 2013

I just got home from Nashville. May and the beginning of June have already been so busy. Poco played The Grand Ole Opry on May 31st and June 1st. The Opry is always fun. A lot of our friends are in the Opry house band and it’s great to catch up with them. My old buddy Tommy White plays steel in the Opry band and is going into the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame on the same Labor Day weekend I’m being inducted.
After the Opry shows I stayed in Nashville for a week to work on a Scholastic children’s video called ‘Cloudette’, which may surprise you to hear is about a little cloud. While we worked on the project I stayed with my kids. Willy and Sara just bought new houses and getting to stay with them meant more time together, getting to hang with my new grandson Chandler, and getting to celebrate both their May and June birthdays.
This week Mary and I are getting ready to fly to Wisconsin for a couple days of fishing and a concert. She’s going crazy trying to get all the Poco orders in the mail before we leave. Then we rush down to Texas for a show at the Dosie Doe in Houston and The One World Theater in Austin. It’s going to be a pretty busy next couple months.
Alright, we don’t usually comment on remarks people post on Face Book, but I can’t help myself. The FB concern was that somehow I was tarnishing the Poco legacy by trying to keep Poco music alive as the only ‘original’ member.
Let’s think about this for a minute…
As you may know, Paul Cotton and Timothy B. Schmit were NOT ‘original’ members of Poco. Richie Furay, Jim Messina and Randy Meisner were, but they departed Poco by 1974, leaving me and George Grantham as the last ‘original’ members. Then in 1977 George Grantham left Poco.
So since 1977 I’ve been the only ‘original’ member of Poco ‘trying’ to keep the music alive.
It seems to me it might be a little late to start worrying about the legacy…but then that’s just me.

Rock ‘n Roll poll: How many original members are needed to make a band worthwhile?
1. Three original members - The Rolling Stones
2. Two original members – The Eagles
3. One original member – Santana (Ha! Trick answer, the real answer is Marshall Tucker)
4. No original members – Little River Band

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