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In the studio - July 21 & 22

Big time for Poco in Music City last weekend. We spent 2 days in 16 Ton Studio cutting what may well be the final tracks for the band's upcoming CD.

Michael and I each contributed a song on Saturday. Both rockin' Poco grooves that should be big fun to play out live. My song "When She's Mine" - is a co-write with my friend Richard Wold about chasing the muse..

I'll let Michael fill you in on his tune. I know it's not quite done yet..

On Sunday, we had a blast recording Rusty's "Rockin' Horse Blues" - a Poco blues-rocker featuring blazing guitar work by N. Young.

We're figuring one more trip to Missouri for over-dubs will wrap up the project. We hope to do that some time in September. We're getting dangerously close!

Can't wait to get this music out there!


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