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Setember 2012

Just got back from this weekend shows. The first show was in St. Peters, MO (a suburb of St. Louis), and the next in Albuquerque, NM (a suburb of Mexico). The St. Peters show was insane! The city wasn’t expecting the huge crowd that showed up for Poco and PPL. They had to close the entrance gates and even close down I-370, the main highway running into St. Peters! If you didn’t get there early, you didn’t get in. Thankfully, lots of Poconuts did get in. There are some good fan pics from that night on the Poco Facebook page.
Then we flew to Albuquerque and had a couple days to visit my Aunt Phyllis and Cousin Becky, as well as, Mary’s daughter Hallie, (who lives in Santa Fe). We had a great time. Who knew there were forty-or-so different kinds of Margaritas? Michael bought a new accordion while he was there. You can almost hear the Mariachi music and smell the burritos lingering in its bellows.
The concert was at the New Mexico State Fair with Firefall. We played on a stage that was suspended above the rodeo arena until it dropped just before show-time. Oops…damn, watch where you’re stepping!
I couldn’t help but think back on all the rodeos I played growing up in Colorado. I remember Cheyenne Frontier Days- playing on the back of a flatbed truck as it circled the rodeo arena. Ahhh, those were the days. I even played the bar in Cheyenne that had chicken wire nailed up to protect the band. Unfortunately, it only protected you when you were on stage. When last call came around, if a cowboy thought his girlfriend was flirting with you, the chicken wire wasn’t much help.
This time it was a huge stage with first-class lights and sound. It was one of those nights you wish you could play forever. Mary’s got some video clips she says she’s going to put up on the home and Facebook pages as soon as she can. Check out Jack’s Facebook page. He got shots of the Albino buffalo and an exclusive on the lone pile of poop that managed to find its way onto Jock Bartley’s guitar case. There’s a joke there somewhere!
I’m going to regroup here at home and then drive to Nashville for George’s drum convention. We’re playing a set for him and a bunch of other drummers next Saturday night. Boy, now that’s what you call being a friend! Forget about organ donation- this could be a lot more painful! Playing for a bunch of drummers? I think I’ll bring a banjo so I feel like I fit in!
I’m going to see if we can finish the overdubs on the new CD while I’m there. There’s really not that much left to do. Our ‘Rockin’ Horse Blues’, (very cool!), song needs some editing and overdubbing, but that’s just a good day’s work.
In October we’re playing in Bakersfield, a couple shows in Ohio, and then the concerts at Wildwood. We picked up four acoustic shows in November- B. B. King’s on the 13th, Shirley MA the 15th, North Hampton MA the 16th, and Sellersville PA the 17th.


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