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I just realized I didn’t post a March journal entry. I guess that just shows how time slips away these days. With the really early spring weather, Mary and I have been busy trimming, planting, raking and weeding around the cabin. Mary’s planting flowers everywhere. It’s beautiful, but it’s a lot of work! She also transplanted a decidedly dead, six foot Pine tree to the front yard-“It might come back to life!” I’ve seen several park rangers cry as they drive by. Mary’s been trying to teach Zog the Dog to bring her the garden hose. Right now she’s got me trained to do it, so I’m hoping he learns fast!
Afternoons are reserved for fishing down at the river and letting Zog run around the park. There aren’t many campers there yet, (usually just on weekends), so we have the run of the place. I’m still working on a song or two for the new CD. Sometimes songwriting seems so impossibly hard and then other times a song almost writes itself.

There were too many things going on in March, so I didn’t get down to Nashville. But Jack and Michael are driving to Missouri this Sunday to work on the C.D. Jack’s bringing his recording gear and Michael's bringing the Tequila. I’m hoping we make a serious dent on the work that’s left and we still need to cut a couple more tracks in Nashville, and it looks like we’ve got shows starting in May. So much for retirement!

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