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May/June 2012

Wow! May was a busy month! We played shows in Martinsville, VA and Spindale, NC with the PPL guys. Marc and Sharon drove all the way down from CT to see both shows and they helped out with both the merch and driving George from one gig to the next. It was fun having George smacking that back beat! We had some problems with the B-3 and the sound system that lasted all the way up to show time, but things got straightened out and the show went without a hitch.

We had a week off before heading to Evansville, IL and Green Lake, WI for three days of acoustic trio shows. Dr. Al and Vickie brought some other Dr. friends to the first show in Evansville and we even met his drum idol Paul Wertigo! Then we drove on to Green Lake and the Heidel House Hotel, a beautiful resort hotel on Green Lake. It was a relaxing three day visit. We played two nights at The Thrasher Opera House. Two nights at the same place is always the best and Martha, Riley and Roby who run the theater are a great bunch! Mike and Carol, along with Mike and Sarah came both nights and because we were there for two days we had a chance to hang with them. I was really glad Mike Roddy was there because when an encore came on Friday night, I couldn't remember the opening words to 'On The Way Home and Mike threw the line up to me. Not the first time I've spaced on lyrics! On Saturday afternoon we got a cool guided tour of Green Lake on Capt. Bill’s pontoon boat before playing the concert-where I didn't forget a single word. Honest!

When June came I drove to Nashville to work with Jack on music for a new Scholastic DVD and to spend birthdays with the kids. They’re hardly kids anymore…Will turned 32 and Sara turned 26! The big birthday dinner with their Mom was delicious. While I was there Jack and I took George G. out to his favorite Mexican restaurant. George looked really good and said he was feeling fit. He's doing so well! I'm proud of him. He told me about once a month he gets together with friends and sings 'Crazy Love' at a nearby pub. Cool!

Packing now for shows on June 14th in St. Louis and the 16th in Salina, KS. Later this month we’re in IND, OH, TX and CO. Phewww! I'm working on those Southwest Sky Miles! Just a few more and I’ll qualify to fly the airplane!
Next month we’re hoping to finish up the new CD. Wish us luck! We’ve got some label interest in the new CD and with all the new marketing tools it could get scary!

See you soon I hope…Rusty

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