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December 2011


It’s snowing at the cabin today. But Mary and I ventured out to pick up a Christmas tree and Mary can’t wait to start decorating. It’s a little strange… buying a tree when you live in the middle of a forest. But you don’t dare touch those Mark Twain Nat’l Forest trees. I guess they have a powerful lobby in Washington.

I’ve really enjoyed these lazy past few weeks. I’ve been working/struggling on a new song, trying to take care of some old Poco business, and going online to order a new guitar or two. But that’s about to end. I’ll be back in Nashville on the 11th to see how much we can get done on the CD. I think we can wrap up most of the songs we’ve tracked.

I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t seem possible that 2011 is almost over. Looking back, we flew a lot of miles, drove a lot of rental cars, ate a lot of gas station hot dogs, met a lot of friends and played a lot of music. We started a Facebook page, we got ‘All Fired Up’ and made a commitment to work hard and make next year the best ever! I guess that’s a pretty good year.

Merry Christmas and let’s all have an awesome 2012!

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