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Happy New Year 2012

When Mary and I first met I told her that ‘rock ‘n roll’ years were not like ‘normal’ years. That feels truer now than ever. I can’t believe it was forty-four years ago that Richie, Jimmy and I began Poco. It seems impossible for that many years to have come and gone. Now I’m sure rock ‘n roll years count differently.

But there’s no denying it’s 2012 and thanks to all of you who braved the Northeastern snows to help us kick the year off. Wow, was it ever cold. There were temperatures of 10 below zero at night! But it was good and warm in Infinity Hall and Tupelo’s, two great music venues. The acoustic shows were a blast, not that we didn’t miss George. Any show without drummer jokes just isn’t quite as much fun.

We added five new songs to the show, including ‘You Better Think Twice’ and ‘All Fired Up’, and the response was awesome. As a matter of fact, if Michael and Jack get any more applause we’ll have to start billing the band as Jack Sundrud and Poco featuring Michael Webb. Hold on…better not give them any ideas!

We’ve got a couple weeks off before heading back to the Northeast in February for four more acoustic shows. George meets up with us in Las Vegas later in the month to ‘kick’ things into high gear. I’m going to use the time off to work on a couple more songs for the new CD. We’ll cut a couple more tracks in March and then finish the overdubs by May…honestly…I hope…really!

Hope to see you soon…

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