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Acoustic Shows


A little late this month…but we were on the road for the first half of the month and it was a big month! First acoustic shows since Paul left the band, my B’day and the road ahead. Mary and I had sushi for my B’day dinner!!!

Poco played eight acoustic shows in Jan. and Feb. and they were all sold-out shows thanks to our faithful Poconuts. We had so much fun! The shows turned out to run almost three hours with a fifteen minute break and somehow it never really felt too long. I probably told some stories about the old days that I shouldn’t have…but oh well! That's the beauty of a long history. I’m saving the juiciest stories for the book.

We had a show in Vegas with George last weekend and it was great to have him back. He’s grown a beard since I last saw him and has an uncanny resemblance to Robin Williams. It was fun adding drums to the new songs we’re playing. Much to his chagrin, I did manage to get in one drummer joke! But Karma did end up costing me two hundred at the slot machines. Damn!!!

I can’t believe how many Facebook B’day greeting I got. It took all afternoon yesterday to reply to as many of them as I could. It’s good to have lots of friends and only a few enemies!

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