All Fired Up 'AFU'

POCO's newest 2013 CD release
All Fired Up
This order includes the lyric booklet & AFU guitar pick
If you have any questions, please contact Mary by email:
All Fired Up (Rusty Young/Mary Young) 3:29
Drink It In (Jack Sundrud/Craig Bickhardt) 3:45
That's What Rock And Roll Will Do (Michael Webb) 4:49
Regret (Rusty Young) 6:20
When She's Mine (Jack Sundrud/Richard Wold) 3:21
A Little Rain (Rusty Young) 4:47
Hard Country (Jack Sundrud/Bruce Miller) 7:28
Love Has No Reason (Michael Webb/Tom Littlefield) 3:21
Rockin' Horse Blues (Rusty Young) 5:22
Neil Young (Rusty Young/Mary Young) 4:31
Long Shot (Jack Sundrud) 4:33
Pucky Huddle Stomp (Rusty Young) 1:51


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